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Your Inspired Life Program

I see you…my dear Golden Goddess

Are you a woman in the prime of her life? Do you sometimes feel busy, overwhelmed, and at the same time, lonely? Are you wanting your life to change, but not sure how to make it all happen? Are You unsure as to what is next in terms of your life?

Are you wanting to build a new revolutionized life? Are you the kind of woman who can take radical responsibility for your life, but lately you have felt, stuck, sad, lonely, and overwhelmed? Are you (like me) in that sometimes you are afraid to move forward, but you are willing to do it anyways.

Do you (like me) sometimes feel like you have screwed things up and gone backwards?

Are you fine about doing the work but you want to be strategic about it and not waste your time because you feel like you have wasted enough time already? Have you invested in yourself before, and not gotten the results you wanted?

Are you ready for real life transformation?

What you want is some help, direction and guidance to get you to the happiness, financial well-being, body wellness, connection and love you have been wanting to create?

Well, my dear Golden Goddess friend, the time has come for you to REVOLUTIONIZE your life!


Transformational E-Coaching

Kick start your Mojo Strategically Get Out of Your Own Way and Start Creating the Life You Want in 7 days.

Get started for only $297!


An Introductory Call with Val –

Dipping Your Goddess Toe in the Water (Free)

Jump on the phone with Val for a 30-minute call. Let’s get to know each other. You can get to know my approach and how I can help you transform your life. You will come off of that call with revised energy, hope and possibility for transforming your life to where you want it to go.


Work With Val for 90 days –

Learn How to Fully Step Into Living Your Golden Goddess Inspired Life

Spend 90 days with me and deep transformation. Revolutionize your life to abundant relationships, abundant finances and abundant joy. This is regardless of where you are in your separation or divorce process.

My promise to you is that you are just 90 days away from revolutionizing your life! We will work together with laser focus to revolutionize your relationships, finances, health, and transform your feelings to more joy than you ever thought possible.

Do you want a more connected and abundant life, yet you’re not sure how to make that happen? Are you thinking, “Wait a second… I have a lot more life and love to experience. I’m not ready to pack it in!”

Your Revolutionized Life of Profound Joy is Here for You Starting Right Now!


Work with Val for 30 days –

Your Acute Pain Reliever

Pick one area of your life that you want to transform within 30 days.

  • Is it your body?

  • Is it profound feelings of being lonely?

  • Is it the fact that you have been so stressed out that you have forgotten how to connect with your kids?

  • Are your finances a complete disaster?

In just 30 days, we will turn that ship around my dear Golden Goddess friend. Armed with your personalized plan, together we’ll transform the acute pain you are experiencing to deal with the matter once and for all.


Work With Val For 6 Months –

The No Turning Back Golden Goddess

This is for the brave, imperfect, yet divinely inspired woman. This is your invitation to Dive Deep, very very deep.

This Golden Goddess 6 month program is for you my dear, brave, Golden Goddess friend who may be afraid of radical transformation (and that is okay!) but wants to radically transform her life anyways! Revolutionize your life forever to abundant relationships, abundant finances and abundant joy.

After this program your life will never be the same and it will reach heights and possibility you never dreamed possible.


My greatest wish is for you to have the freedom and joy I experience every day.

My promise to you is that if you work with me, and do the work, you will transform the experience of your life to one of love, connection and belonging. Your health, finances, and relationships will reach heights that you never imagined possible.

You will learn skills to help you feel and be connected to those you love and will expand Your Family Village of humans. You will only be alone when you want to, but will never have to feel or be lonely again.

When working with me you will work to transform your life from the inside out. You will learn and develop the skill of tuning into the frequency of the abundance around you, even if it does not feel like that is even possible right now.

Your new and inspired frequency will change your life to greater and more powerful possibilities.

You are a woman in her prime of life and you will live the remainder of your life with stratospheric happiness and abundance you never imagined possible.

To get this far in life you have already had to take risks, had to open your heart, and had to live your life with courage. Now you will apply that love and bravery to the project of your best-designed life and what is possible. This is especially for you if you have tried, and failed, to make lasting change in the past.

Your best-designed life will include you developing your abundant family village on your own terms and with your own values. You will learn how to restructure the design of your life so that you will have more time and energy to focus on the power of creating current and new meaningful relationships that will feed your soul and give your life the deep and important meaning you know it has always meant to have. You will increase your finances, and you will increase your health and well-being.

You will do this without having to be more busy, more overwhelmed, or with more jobs stacked up on your already very full plate.