Finding Abundance in Your Life by Being LESS Serious

Today let’s talk about something I’ve really struggled with a lot over the years.

I’ve learned to just STOP being so serious all the time and taking life so seriously. As you probably know, I’ve been a divorce lawyer for over two decades. If there’s anything serious in this world it’s the practice of law. The practice of family law can be intense. It’s serious busines

How to Find Joy and Abundance Right Now Even if You're Too Freaking Busy

Today I want to talk to you the way abundance shows up in our lives and the way we can make more of that happen.

We often have goals, dreams, and things we want to accomplish in our life, and work towards achieving that goal. “Once I have that then I’ll feel happy”, “If I pay off all those bills I’ll feel so relieved”, “If I’m able to buy that new car…” etc.

How to Kick Loneliness in the A**

Let’s talk about combating loneliness. When we have gone through a separation or are in a transition period, life can be pretty lonely. Maybe you don’t want to be with your husband anymore, you still feel like “Now what?”