Let’s Make This Next Part of Your Life Awesome Beyond Your Wildest Dreams.


How do You Know If You Are a Golden Goddess?

Here is a 3-part Quiz:

1. Do you love the idea of dreaming big dreams and transforming your life to fit them?

2. Are you open to possibility?

3. Are you motivated to make your life better but sometimes are not sure where to start?

If you said YES to the above, you are a Golden Goddess!


I found myself newly single at the age of 51.

When the brutal pain of my marriage finally ended, I had not expected the post separation part to be so painful. Or difficult.

I had completely forgotten who I was. I needed to form a new and powerful relationship, one with myself.

I have been a divorce lawyer for more than two decades and I have helped thousands of women move through their pain to create lives they never imagined possible.

Even though I was knee deep in financial stress, cropping up health problems, huge weight gain, and a very intense separation process with my soon to be ex-husband, I decided it was time to revolutionize my life.

I did not want to waste my time, energy, or my life feeling bad or crappy or or awful. I refused to accept that all the good parts in my life were behind me.

I have been transforming my life from a very dark and lonely place to a life full of connection, love, abundance, and fun. .

I want the same for you my dear Golden Goddess friend.

Are you in for joining me in revolutionizing our lives to fun, abundance, love, and connection?

Are you wanting to connect with who you are so you can step into your life once and for all as your authentic self?

Whether it is revolutionizing your relationships, your finances, or finally finding out who you are meant to be in this world, join me.


About Val

Hi – I’m Val Hemminger and I show (often separated or divorced) women in the prime of their lives how to improve their relationships, achieve financial abundance, and experience everlasting joy.

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Work with Me

Are you going through or have you gone through a separation or divorce? Unsure as to what is next in terms of rebuilding your life? Are you thinking, wait a second, I am not dead yet and I have way more chapters in my life to go! I have love to give, experiences to experience, and wisdom that I have learned from. Let’s talk!

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The Blog

Join me for weekly blog updates on overcoming divorce and separation. I talk about how we can transform our lives and become the Golden Goddess we know we are.

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Life can sometimes be very scary and lonely business. You can build your life. One of such abundance, possibility, love, and connection, that you would never even have believed it possible.

Thank you, Val for creating the time and space for me to think about my future potential. My experience with Val has reawakened long forgotten dreams, and prompted me to set exciting new goals.
— Rebecca
Val is a strong facilitator with a deep love for being of service. I feel genuinely supported by her and will continue to use the tools and practices we explored at the Golden Goddess Retreat
— Becky
I am grateful to Val for bringing together the elements I needed to take a brave new step into my future potential
— B
I now have the methods and practices to manifest my vision. More than ever before, I’m truly excited for my future.
— Rebekah
Val helped me to break out of some of these old patterns that were no longer serving me. She helped me to change the way I look at myself to create a new self image, one where success and abundance are an integral part of who I am and what I deserve.
— J.A.D.